Friday, November 30, 2007

Will the real story please stand up?

Wow, what a crazy number of days. My kid was home from college for the holiday. Cool to hang out with him for a bit, even though he still has the talent to drive me crazy. Nothing bad, just typical teenager stuff. I was about ready to break the dishes he left around the house rather than clean up after him. Thanksgiving we spent with the fam at my mom’s house. Good times, good food. I think we just finished the leftovers last night. My oldest sis didn’t make it down from WV, but she still had the chance to hang out with my aunt for a while. We missed her, but she was still with fam somewhere. Work has been just nuts. We’ve got a couple of different, but very similar, projects progressing thru various stages of delivery. I’ve also got a couple of side projects within the company that seem to exist just to interfere with my schedules. Every time I turn around, I’ve got reps from one company or another trying to schedule time and access on our systems. It’s cool, b/c I get to work with a lot of diff people, but I’d much rather sit at my desk and listen to George Thorogood mangle some classic rock. (live version of Suzie Q at the moment, via Pandora) I’ve got at least 6 hours worth of work to do in the 3 hours before I leave for the bar. Riiiiiiiight. I’d so much rather hear the breaking glasses than to be sitting in this office right now. Kids and school and housestuff are all moving along without much of an issue. I’ve got a yard full of leaves to clean up, Christmas lights to fix (hung on Monday, in the rain) over the weekend, and a big a55 fishtank to clean over the weekend. Not sure yet where "fun" comes into the picture, but we’ll find something. In the rest of the world news: I’m waiting for the real story of Stacy Peterson. (They’re getting close on this one – they’re looking for the blue barrel that he put her body in.) I’m waiting for the real story of Sean Taylor. (a – he did it himself by putting the gun in his waistband. b – the girlfriend did it. c – my intuition is way off base, and there really was an unknown man who broke into the house while people were home, left everybody alone except for the biggest guy, who just happened to be carrying a machete.) (I hope it’s c, but it just doesn’t ring true. The latest word is that there have been 3 arrests made, but I think it may just be rumors.) I’m waiting for the real story of Trent Lott’s sudden retirement. (Mr. Flynt knows about Benjamin Nicholas, mark my words. I’d LOVE to see another hypocrite dashed on the rocks.) In the um, wtf? Category: Women in Waders now your favorite part of the day… so simple, and so frustrating: Ball Bounce no one over 12 should like this, but I just couldn’t help my self: NickSplat OK, I’ve got at least one decent game for the afternoon: Totally Game LoveYaLongTime

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just getting started here. Check back later for the goods.