Friday, October 29, 2010


This is just too funny to bury at the end of the Waster.  (via TotalProSports)

Been crazy effing busy for the past couple weeks.  This may be the shortest Waster ever.

I'm working on my senior project for school.  Cool that I'm getting closer to the end.  Sucks that it's whipping my tail.

Work has been nuts, too.  We have a delivery to the gov due on Monday, so everybody has been spinning in circles trying to get things wrapped up on time.

Halloween is here... best holiday EVAR!  We have a small costume party tonight, then a bigger sillier one tomorrow.  I haven't had time to build the anticipation, but now that I'm off work for the weekend, the jitters are rising!

Enjoy the holiday!

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Tetravalanche.  Looks pretty cool, but I just can't quite figure it out.

Jerseylicious.  Not playable, but totally funny.  Thanks, TouchCat!

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xkcd is right on point.  again.

Ranker's 10 hottest girls with bad teeth.

Doggie parkour.

I love me some Jack.

I love me some pirates and Jamaicans, too.

Kat swears this wasn't her.  I'm confirming that denial with her sister.

Put some John Lee Hooker into your head for the weekend.  Boom Boom.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

up from the hole

I've been stupid busy with school and work this week.  4-day week, but I had 6 days of work to try to squeeze into it.  I'm just scratching out a couple thoughts here during the football games.

I'm doing my 'senior seminar' this semester at school.  It's pissing me off something fierce.  I burned 11 hours on this project yesterday instead of running around in the sunshine.  Something sucks; it may be the professor, may be the curriculum, or it may be me. 

I've spent a few years studying IT stuff; software architecture, programming languages, other geekstuff like that.  The problem I'm having with this class is that the project is decidedly less-than-geeky.  12% of my grade is based on a huge proposal document, intended to sell my project to a business.  It's a heavy dose of creative writing (I'm soooo not an ENG major) paired with a boatload of business writing (again, not a BUS major).  Bleh.

So school jammed my weekend so far.  Not happy.  10 more weeks before I get this class behind me, and I'll be a very happy boy.  Hopefully, the prof will have us getting geeky soon.

I'm taking off work Mon & Tues, and heading down to KY to see Joe & Celeste at their new apartment.  For both of them, it's their first time living on their own.  They've got a lot of learning ahead of 'em.  I've got a truckload of furniture & other stuff to help get 'em started.  I'm pretty excited to see the place and visit with the kids for a bit.

Go check out my buddy Jon's 'Friday for the Foodies'.  He writes for Glide Magazine's HiddenTrack every week.  This edition is all about a top-notch butcher shop near Alexandria.  The shop is called "Let's Meat on the Avenue", and can hook you up with all sorts of fun stuff.  They carry buffalo, true kobe beef, wild boar, and even kangaroo!  I'll be grilling the whole wild kingdom soon.

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Dom is the source of all our shoot-em-up fun.  TropicalDragonSlaughter!

Rescue the miners! (timely, but sucks)
Be a miner! (playable)
Miner 2049er! (old school)
Protect the minors! (best of the lot)

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(Credit to BarstoolSports)

Guys, pay attention.  She will judge you based on your email provider and your ability to drive a stick shift.

I worked software dev w/ Eddi for a while, but back then he didn't have computer skills like this!

Kat's Dueling Banjos redux, with fire.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

selling my soul for my friends

Another post starting without direction... I'll just ramble for a moment until something catches my fancy.  The latest kidstuff:

A while back, I'm pretty sure I shared the info that Joe bailed on college.  He and his gf had been staying down in KY with his grandma (mother's side) for the past few months.  They had a JoP wedding a couple months back, and just this past weekend got their very first apartment together!   I'll be making the drive to KY in a couple of weeks to check it out and deliver some furniture.

We visited Samantha down at Radford last weekend.  She arranged for some beautiful weather, and we had a really nice tour of the place.  It was 'Family Weekend' along with 'Highlander Festival' so most of the buildings were open and showing demonstrations, and all the courtyards were packed with vendors and fairground foods.

Ethan and Megan are midway through their first semester already.  Interims came out, and we have mixed results.  Some really good news, and some not-so-good.  That's all I'm saying at this point. 

Got a couple bits of advertising to squeeze into this action-packed post...

Augur is playing the gazebo stage 3pm, Saturday at SterlingFest.  I've been a fan of these guys for a couple years now; great rockin' music, lots of fun, and they continually support the community.  (Get to SterlingFest early, and you can catch the belly-dancers at 1:15.)

BYRN, roots reggae rock, is one of my new favorites.  Old friends, but hadn't heard them play until recently.  I'm really liking the sound.  They're kicking off a whole Sunday night of music at Jimmy's Old Town for the 10.10.10 Vet Aide event.  Good music, great cause!

One more ad, then I'm done for the week.  This is some good shiznit.  Tasty and uber-healthy.  Dark energy in a bottle!
(imagination credits go to Hell's Newsstand.)

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Tangerines are deadly?  WTF?

Roller coasters, video games, puzzles, and wasting time.  Perfect.

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Huh?  What?  I wasn't listening.

Mustard with attitude.

What?  You didn't hear that?  Lemme drop the F-bomb once again:

High speed, mid-air dolphin collision! Maybe they're not as smart as I think they are...

Who uses phonebooks? Seriously, paper phonebooks are one of the biggest, dumbest waste of resources I know. Please please please use this link to get off of multiple phone book distributions.

Yeah, that's exactly how I'd use my magic powers, too.

A map of high-school sexual relationships.  I think it's legit:  the chains look realistic enough, and I recognize similar patterns from my school.  I've even have names for a few of the dots...

The banjo scene from Deliverance.  Classic.  Bobby was still untainted.

I hadn't laughed at Sarah Palin in a few weeks.  Consider the streak broken.

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