Monday, January 28, 2008

Slap Me Silly

I debated what to do with this email today.... but I've already gotten a few complaints about the delayed send, so I'm sending a weakened lame update. I'm stuck at an offsite location today, can't really do much about it. No access to outside email. No chance of doing anything fun or creative. I don't even have any games today. So here's a quick and ugly. (i'm dumb, and ugly, and un-creative.... just sitting with the dog.) I've only got one kinda sorta game included, and that'll lose it's luster in about 45 secs. We hit up Whitetail last weekend to do some snow-tubing. AWESOME. The kids had a blast, and I've got plenty of bruises to show that I was having fun too. And I think this is the first time I got to stay for the duration - the past 3 visits to the tubing hill I was involuntarily removed from the park. (their rules were dumb anyway) It's hard to get in trouble when I'm trying to act like a grown-up in front of my kids. Besides, they'd never let me live it down if I got thrown out again. The kids are all on a long weekend - they've just finished midterms and are free for a few days. Mrs. Master Waster's son is hanging with us b/c his dad is out of town, so we're prolly going to make some dinner plans for tomorrow night somewhere. Master College Waster is back at school. He's in two different bands this semester - orchestra and pep band. The pep band is cool, b/c he gets tix to all the events PLUS $15 cash per show. Middle Daughter has been driving my truck on the streets. in traffic. she makes me really glad that the passenger seat has an air bag, too. Happy Friday! ================ What the hell? Stupid kids. OK, maybe I’m jealous. I never threw a party that racked up $16,000 in damages. um, right. Romney is the shizznit.

Friday, January 18, 2008

i soooooo wish it was still the 70s

We got just a little bit of snow around here yesterday, but it was enough to make the whole population panic. Irritating to no end. WTF with a little bit of snow and all rationality goes out the window? I was cleaning the windows of the car this morning before work. Took a couple mins to do the whole scraper thing. The guys across the street were trying to drive up the hill in their little Ranger truck. Slipping & sliding, but going absolutely nowhere. At first, I barely gave ‘em a glance. When the passenger got out of the truck to help push it up the hill, I really started getting interested. If he got run over, I didn’t want to miss it. So now the driver’s still spinning wheels, and his buddy is on the downhill side of a 3000 lb truck trying to push it up a hill. In the snow. Riiiiiiight. Still didn’t get anywhere, and actually rolled backwards a bit during various attempts. Passenger gets back in the truck. Driver rolls backwards downhill about 2030 feet, like he’s gonna get a running start. Dumba55 is still on the same hill, same snow, same rate of incline, just a little lower. So now they’re slipping around in front of the neighbor’s house, instead of their own. Repeat. For real. One house further down the block, and trying the same thing AGAIN. By now, I’m done with the windows of the car. It’s clean, the heat’s warm, and I’m a little late for work, but this is good entertainment. I was a bit disappointed that the passenger got back in the truck before he lost any toes under the tires, but it’s still fun. They’re about 2 houses down the street from me, so my view isn’t as good anymore, so I figure it’s time to go. I backed out of the driveway, drove DOWN the hill, right past the two brainiacs. I was out of the neighborhood before I noticed whether or not they got a clue. ==================== FamStuff update – I’m back in school, and feeling the time demands. I got rather used to that winter break. Master College Waster and I got to hang out a bit on Wednesday night. He’s heading back to school this weekend. The rest of the kids all start exams today, so they’re totally thrilled that school wasn’t cancelled. The rest of us are helping a friend move into a new apartment tomorrow; followed by a road trip to Whitetail PA on Sunday morning for my nephew’s birthday party. ==================== Gametime… Brian is my favorite superchick. I think this is a repeat. It’s frustratingly simple, but TOTALLY addictive. Get in the box, stay away from the balls. Easy, right? This would have been better if the pieces were destroyed a little more graphically.. ==================== Shelley thinks I’d look hot in a leisure suit. That 70s show, in real life. I knew Kimmie was a redneck. I’m amazed at how they’re just so creative. This site is funny, until you realize that it’s REAL. Don’t blame me if you watch the video, it may scar your eyes. Ever have something to say, but just don’t have the right words? Amanda’s got if nailed for ya. Some e cards to share your feelings:

Monday, January 14, 2008

i lost my hot dog

Ouch. Another Friday. Another late posting. I’m really starting to suck at this job. Next week, I’m going to bump it up to the Friday Morning Waster. By the time I actually get my tail in gear, maybe you’ll see it in time to play some games in the afternoon. The week has been crazy. I started back to school this week. The first sessions are always next to nothing, but I know that there’s going to be hours of homework in the near future. Bleh. Master College Waster is still home for another week and a half though. I’m just a bit jealous. I want to have a month of do-whatever-I-want-to-do time. He’s actually been taking care of business pretty good. He’s working a whole rack of hours keeping two jobs. He’ll go back to school with enough money to last at least thru the first weekend. :-P We’ve got the beater car all legal for street driving. There’s nothing cooler than tooling around in a 90 Stanza with hand-crank windows. I did get the green 95 Grand Am wing removed from the blue trunk lid, so it’s not quite as ghetto as it was. (Big E – wing for sale: cheap.) My daughter has been scaring the crap out of me driving around the school parking lot. I’m sooooo not ready for her to be around real people. I think I’d rather see her dating a college guy with a van than have to sit helpless in that passenger seat with my butt cheeks clenched. Mrs. Master Waster's son came home from CA last weekend, so he’s back on his schedule now too. He got to skip a couple days of school to vaca with his dad for a bit. Again, I’m jealous. I’m done with the day. Too much work and not enough slacking. My resolution was to slack better, and I’m failing that pretty bad. Time to head to the bar. Breaking stuff will be extra rewarding tonight. I’m in a crash kinda mood. ================================ Btw – submissions this week were awful. You all suck. I know the holidays are over, so get focused. I need games. A little bit of leftover Christmas fun. The controls are bad, the game is bad, and there’s no blood or bruising. I just really didn’t want to keep this game in my back pocket for a year. Simple, like a gubmint meeting. Simple, like Boston. (not including Sam Adams and The Bosstones, of course) ================================ Dogs over cats, any day of the week. Not sure about the loldogs over lolcats. LDog will always the doctor, though. Mustard and onions to Mrs. Master Waster for the submission. Stacy’s trying to road trip here. No thanks. No effing thanks. I’ll stick to skydiving.

Friday, January 4, 2008

back to the grind

Oh look...we're on time today. ============ I'm back in the office this week, & it sux nads. Vacation went by way too fast. It was def cool to hang around the house w/ the fam for the holiday though. I just paid for my kid's spring semester, and dropped a little cash on a beater 1990 Nissan Stanza for my daughter to practice on. I'm realizing just how expensive spawning actually was. Master College Waster is still home from school for a couple weeks more. He's pulling part time work @ the Redskins Store. He scored a ticket to the game last week to see Dallas get spanked, and he’s taking me to a employee’s party @ FedEx during the playoff game tomorrow. Spawning may be expensive, but the rewards are awesome! Today, Middle Child Waster got her learner's permit to drive. I'm happy for her, but really nervous for my truck. No worries about the Mustang b/c she won't be going anywhere near it. Mrs. Master Waster's son already drove it into the side of the house a while back, so no chance anyone under 30 is allowed to touch it. I’m outta here in just a little bit, plenty of breakage and spillage to coordinate this evening behind the bar. ========================= The theme song quiz from Jon: Cursor control… each time you fail, you get a replay of your failure to help yourself move farther in the game. kinda neat concept, but I still think there’s something I don’t quite get about the game. I hate spreadsheets. ========================= There. In that bag. What’s it say? I can’t read! ! ! A game, a vid, and a history lesson. All in the same link. Facecrime Pls dont takes 2 srsly k thx. i has big rubs for Ceiling Cat n jen, 2. (start at the beginning, it’s worth it) happy weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy friday, happy new year!

~~ As you can see, we have a trend here, these are supposed to be posted on Fridays, but someone keeps forgetting.~~ ==================== The holidays are almost over, and so is the year. Seems like the whole year just flew past, and all this warm weather really doesn’t do much to convince me that it really is December. I’m about ready to go back to work. The past week has been nuts with all the family and Christmas stuff. Good times, and I love ‘em all, it’s just a lot of running around with the kids to see everybody. Santa was good to all of us, even the naughty ones. I got lucky there. Master College Waster got his grades back from school…. He passed everything. There was a bit of concern about his Stats class, but he made it thru on that too. So we can chalk up his first semester as a success. He’s still home for another couple of weeks, putting in some crazy hours at work while he can. My oldest daughter is getting all wired up b/c she’s old enough for her driver’s learning permit on Jan 3. We’ve been shopping around a bit for a beater car for her to drive so I can keep her as far away from my truck as possible. Mrs. Master Waster's son is out of town for a week with his dad, leaving the Youngest Waster as the only one who’s basically having a normal schedule over the next little while. To all my friends – warmest wishes of a safe and happy new year. We’re all smart enough to know better than to get on the roads NYEve, there are plenty of rookie drinkers out driving around. The professional drinkers sit tight and bring the new year in with a bit of style. ======================== Couple of quickies for ya… This game is awful. The music sucks. It does give you a chance to shoot Santa, though, so that makes up for it a bit: Frustrating, and I think it’s a repeat. Still better than working. Only if you’re really bored: This one is worth it. Kinda. It started to pi55 me off pretty quick though. =============================== Now to end this year, and start the new, with a little display of genius: