Monday, September 29, 2008

back to the real wasting

Daaaang this has been a crazy couple weeks. I've been trying to get an update posted, and just haven't been able to do it til now. Every day has been one of these days:

Anyway, here's some quick yammering...

I survived the triathlon, and did way better than I even hoped to do. Goal #1 was to complete it, Goal #2 was to beat 2hrs, and double-secret Goal #3 was to beat 1:45. I nailed it, stumbling across the finish line in 1:36:32. I finished 105th out of ~180 total. The swim kicked my arse, bad. And I definitely could have made up some time in the transitions now that I know what to expect. Next time...

The office exodus has begun. We've lost 3 people from our contract in the past week. Since we were "acquisitioned" the bureaucracy bullshit has been consistently deeper. The days of an agile, small IT company are gone; leaving nothing but a bunch of neckties roaming the halls looking for a reason to fill out a form or make a new policy. I won't be the next to leave, but the thought has been dancing across my mind.

Happy Birthday to Randy!
I missed his BBQ and the late night bar-party. I spent the whole day working on my daughter's car. New battery, battery terminals, and alternator; she's running good now. I took girlie out in her car on Sunday morning to learn how to drive the clutch. She did really well, but also gave the new electrical system a workout by stalling it about 40 times.

I'm still on break from school until next week, which is a good thing. Things have just been too crazy lately.

I've got a full weekend ahead, too. My HS reunion is formally on Saturday night. I've done a bit of the organizing with a few other friends, so I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing. In addition to the formal on Saturday, I'm sure we'll do a bit of bar crawling on Friday as people start migrating back to town. I'm much better at the bar-crawl than I am at the formal stuff. Imagine that.

= = = = =

Eric is scared of spiders! Sissy.

Hamster Battle!

= = = = =

Whooohooo! You can buy PJ in a bottle!

I love Sarah Silverman, almost as much as I love Jen for sending this to me...

Hahahahahahaha! Suck it, RIAA!

Entertainment Tonight's version of potty humor.

= = = = =

Have a great week, and I promise to have next Friday's waster delivered on Friday. For reals.

a strange little tribute, maybe

Out Of It by Brad Sucks

Sunday, September 28, 2008

not with a straight face you can't

Remember this chick? Ms. Teen South Carolina?

Well, she's baaaaaack....and she's all grow'd up now:

The sequel is scarier than the original!
Ms. Teen_Pinhead simply shows weakness in our educational system.
But Ms. Token_Vagina exposes a weakness in our entire country.

I want the elections to be hotly debated. People don't fight over things that they don't care about. Republican/Democrat, liberal/conservative, right/left, whatever "side" you're on doesn't matter much to me, as long as you have a legitimate opinion. Even if your opinion happens to be totally wrong, I can totally respect the fact that you put some brains and effort into formulating it.

In 2004, the US sheep re-elected the guy that is putting the US on the shit-list in just about every country around the world. My European buddy Eddi put it best: Americans have the freedom to be as stupid as they want to be.

And now we've got the queen of the fucktards running for Vice President. Again, the rest of the world is laughing at the US. Again, the US gives 'em a whole lot of reasons to laugh.

McCain should be effing blasted by the media and the rest of the country for selecting a token for a running mate. No way in hell does he thinks she's a good choice. She's nothing McCain's cheap way to try to buy the stupid votes, and the stupid voters don't even know they're being bought.

And I'm really wondering how SNL managed to scoop the story:

CNN reveals why SNL nailed this one.... they didn't write it! Some of the best jokes were written by Palin herself:

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, the NYTimes has solid debate recap from last Friday here, all on the same page:
full debate video + transcript + factchecking
all bundled together in a nice little package.

...and the VP debates are THU night. Getcha popcorn ready!

Friday, September 26, 2008

quickie to make you hush

I've gotten a bit of noise for being late with the waster for the past couple of weeks. Yep. I suck. At least my mom still loves me.

Here's a quick bit of fun to waste your time while I'm working on the poetry and prose that makes up a quality weekly blog....

So zip it.

Yes, I may be a day or two late with this vid, but it's awesome. Boring for the first little bit, then it really gets kicking for a while. By the end, I just needed to scream.

This game used to be cool. No, really. I'm not lying.

Kinda cool, but maybe too much work to be fun. I'm not sure if I like this game or not.

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

my scrambled mind

I survived another crazy week in the office, but just barely. We're just about done with the current release, so things should calm down a bit. As a result of being yanked a 100 different ways today, I don't have much of a train of thought to share. Here goes...

I'm out of school for another 2 weeks. The kids are all fully back to school. None of 'em have screwed up yet, so I'm feeling pretty good about the whole crew at the moment. The over/under is at 5 weeks before the first bad teacher note gets sent home.

The triathlon is Sunday morning. Yes, I'm nervous. No, I'm not scairt. My focus is good, my lungs are good, no smokes since I stopped the bartending gig, and I've got dozens of doubters that I have to prove wrong. If I can out-stubborn four kids and an ex-wife, I can definitely out-stubborn a stupid race.

After-race party at Jimmy's (imagine that) at 11am !

Big E has a wonderful pet rat, and a gorgeous fiance. One is allergic to the other, so one has to go. She (the rat, stupid. He chose the girl.) comes with a huge ferret cage, too. Lemme know if you're interested, I'll get you the details. For real.

The Pocket Band is playing at the Brogue in Great Falls tonight and tomorrow night. Personally, I don't think I'll be able to make either show, but I still want to share the info. You know they're awesome, so get out and tip a glass with some good time reggae rock.

Augur (band #2 from the Block Party) is playing Sterling Fest 11 October. More details soon....

McCain / Palin - I try to keep the political message rather neutral, b/c I really don't want to listen to debating or whining about my political opinion. McCain twists and lies EXACTLY he's Dubya Junior, and Palin is a nutcase and a token, and it's driving me fucking batty that nobody else seems to notice it but SNL.

My real political opinion.

Umm.... what the hell?

= = = = = = = = = =
This is the real reason why I'm late today. This game rocks, and will DESTROY the rest of your afternoon. All you have to do is turn on the lights.

Interesting, but won't suck your time dry like that stupid little robot just did. Spin the playfield to aim the ball. Link

You're an idiot.

Jon reveals what your name would be if your momma was Sarah Palin.

= = = = = = = = = =
Max knows just how much money we waste with this stupid email. Find out for yourself.

Not a lot of content here yet, but this site def has potential. Link

Mikey loves coffee.

One more WTF ???? before I get outta here.

Happy weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008


This has been a looooong and harsh week.

Don't cry for me.... nothing too awfully bad or nasty going on. It's just been a high stress level every single day this week, and today actually capped it all. I'm totally ready to kick back and relax a bit this weekend.

I took my finals this week, all good. I'm done with school for about the next 2.5 weeks.

I'm getting closer to my first triathlon.... the countdown is at 9 days. My training is going well. I've done the distance a couple of times over the past days, and I've been sore but successful. The coolest thing about this race is that the finish line is about 200' from the entrance to Jimmy's Old Town. I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than looking at the bottom of my Guinness glass.

BTW - Try the beef on weck - awesome. Horseradish should be one of the primary food groups.


Grrrr. Hulk SMASH!

I always loved the Princess Bride. Stop it now, I mean it!

matching game




It's POP, dammit!

OK, this list is a bit old, but it's making all new rounds. I just checked a couple of these links, and had to remove a couple dead ones. All SFW, by the way...








Friday, September 5, 2008

kickoff fantasy retarded block party week

The neighborhood ended summer with one smashing success of a block party. Days like Sunday remind me just how lucky we are to be surrounded by a rack of good family, friends, and neighbors.

Countless guests, three grills, couple hundred burgers dogs and sausages, beer pong, cornhole, two bands ("Jump Off Crew" and "Augur" - both played excellent sets), beer, face painting, LOTS of beer, moon bounce, and some more beer. mmmmmmmm..... beer.

None of the five officers who visited our block party appear in this video. Not even Officer Ballsey, who was nice enough not to lock my drunk ass up for effing with his nametag while he was trying to convince me that he was in charge.

So, ah, Mikey, do ya have ah reason why you're ah drivin' in de breakdown lane, dere?
Check out the whole series of retarded policeman vids here.

Yes, I know I should have posted pics from the block party. Eh. If you made it to the party, you don't need the pics anyway. I'll get 'em done this weekend.

After cleaning up after the party on Monday, we spent Labor Day at our friends' pool party. It was an easy, relaxing kinda day, and it was also my first 'fantasy football' draft. I think I may have disappointed a few people with my lack of focus on the draft. I'm just not all wired up about tracking anything and everything about a whole slew of players every week. I am rather looking forward to talking smack to the other losing coaches (is that the right word?) in the league.

On the flip side, I'm TOTALLY stoked about real-world football season starting. My 'skins didn't look so good against the Giants last night, so that was a bit of a downer. I wasn't actually Zorny enough to think that we could win an away game against the defending superbowl champs. But dammit, I was hoping that our offense was at least going to make the trip to NY to join the rest of the team on the field.

The weather has kinda effed up plans for this weekend. We were heading to DE for a day of skydiving. One of the hurricanes decided to reschedule our trip. *sigh* I'm sure we'll get into something else fun, we've got a few plans being made with the others who were going on the road trip, but whatever we do will generate juuuuuuust a little bit less adrenaline.

The hurricane has also shut down my kid's school. Campus is closed thru the weekend; so he drove back home last night. It was kinda cool to hang out mid-week and mid-semester with him; not something we get much of a chance to do.

A simple little brain-game waster. Kinda cool. The directions aren't very clear; basically you just move tiles to match the colors.

This could be another winner, or it could suck nads. I didn't have a chance to play it yet...

Try Me! (ummmmm, no thank you.)

The new Metallica.

The military has the coolest toys.