Thursday, January 21, 2010

17 degrees is effing cold

Summer of 2008, I started a regular exercise routine, and it felt pretty good. I started biking to work, running when I got home, and did my first sprint triathlon. When the cold weather came around, I fell out. I really wasn't prepared with a winter exercise plan.

Spring 2009, I came out of hibernation, but felt like I was starting over from scratch. Couple people that I ride with had ridden indoors over the winter, and they were whipping my tail. I had to work like crazy just to get back to where I was just a few months prior. I got back into the groove, and ran two tri's by the end of the year.

I mapped out a plan to avoid falling into the same hole during Winter of 2009/10. I got cold-weather gear, and even-colder-weather gear, and continued to ride daily right up til the holidays.

Then Mother Nature totally whipped me. She can be a real mother sometimes. The blizzard back in December started it, followed by a couple weeks of insanely cold temperatures. My daily riding habit was broken. Add the lack of exercise to a very heavy workload in the office, and throw in lots of tasty holiday foods, and I turned into a fat-bellied-sloth in just a short couple of weeks.

The weather and my schedules started easing up last week, so I got back on the bike with a vengeance. I'm twice as dedicated to keeping up with the routine now that I've already been de-railed once this season. I'm already registered for two triathlons this year, one of which is bigger than anything I've done before. I need to be prepared and stay in focus.

Which brings me to the title of this week's Waster. It was 17 degrees when I left the house this morning. SEVENTEEN EFFING DEGREES. I had no idea just how ridiculous that number is until about 6am this morning.

I've got the cold-weather gear, and have ridden in some pretty bad weather, so I really didn't give it too much thought. 30's, even 20's, haven't been much of an issue. I wore an extra layer both top and bottom, threw on my balaclava, and figured it would be all good.

Boy, was I wrong.

Leaving the house on the bike in the winter always starts with a chill. Nothing awful, just like going out to play in the snow when you were a kid. You know it's cold, but with enough layers and bundles, you only get the exposed parts of your face frostbitten. ("I can't put my arms down!" "You can put them down when you get to school, dear.")

I made it most of the way to the office, only about a mile left, when my covered-up parts started going numb. I left the house with 20 fingers and toes, but must have dropped 'em by the side of the road along the way. For lack of hands, I stopped shifting and stopped braking; running traffic lights and stop signs like the bicyclists that everyone hates. No worries in my mind though, bc getting run over wouldn't hurt until sometime after I'd thawed out in the ambulance later.

My stubbornness and dedication are easily forgotten at 17 degrees. Never again.

('til next time, of course.)

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My buddy Jon tells about his tour of the Pontarlier absinthe distillery in his Friday4theFoodies report.

Tetris, with a twist. I'm still not all the way sure how to play, score, or win, but it's worth a bit of your time.

Use the Force, young Jedi. Here is your Jedi Trainer.
("I see your Schwartz is as big as mine!")

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Brett Fav-ruh's off-season daily planner.

I used to have a Troll pen for a long long time. My absolute favorite. Now I'm all insecure about what that said about me...
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Ow! Quit it! Ow! Quit it! Ow! Quit it!

Hundreds of uses around the home!

Whatchu talkin bout Officer Willis?
TMZ will tell you all about it...

Lamebook continues to find the idiots who make my day.
(btw, ( . )( . ) make my day, too.)

Do, or do not. There is no try.


From Moronail. (Best site name ever, btw. I'll giggle every time I think of that stupid train at Disney forever.)

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

over my head. again.

Yeah, I haven't done such a great job writing this year. First week was late, second week non-existent, this one's late, too. Excuses are like a.holes; everybody has one. I've got a couple. (Couple excuses, only on a.hole. Thanks for the disturbing image.)

At work, we've got two separate installations both going live at the same time. One in MD, another in FL, both are a pain in the tail. "Hectic" is a nice way to describe the crazy mega-hour hells that we've been living recently. We've faced overnights, weekends, and artificially created emergencies spawned from gloriously poor planning. Things are moving forward successfully, but only because individual heroics have overcome management's best efforts to screw things up.

On top of all the activity in the office, I've got an all-day Java certification class every Friday for the next month. The class itself is very good and very focused, but sitting in the classroom for 8 hours doesn't erase 8 hours from my existing workload.

The winter semester at Strayer started this past Monday too. I'm registered in two 400-level classes that both have a lot of writing assignments. I'm not excited, but there's only 11 weeks til spring break. I'll survive.

This weekend has been a mixed bag. Little bit of relaxing, little too much tension, a couple hours of office-work, additional hours of yard-work, and a nice dose of football. All the kids were running around on Fri night, so Missy and I got out for a simple DinnerAndMovie evening. Saigon Cafe was tasty, Avatar 3D was definitely worth it, and we were still home before the Mustang turned into a pumpkin at 10pm.

We went up to the 'Hole to watch the games yesterday. Wound up having a rather lengthy conversation about growing older. I've started noticing a lot people around me slipping away. I'm not talking about age. Attitude. No fun anymore. I don't understand what causes it, but it's happening. It brings me down when I hear about it, and it makes me cringe when I'm around it.

If you have to ask whether or not I'm talking about you, then you already know the answer. Shut up and enjoy life already.
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Mice and drugs and education, all in the same game!

BrowserPong; not what you expect, trust me.

Tiger may be old news, but this game is still worth a play or two.

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Haiti swore a pact with the devil to break out from under French rule. As a result, bad things happen to their half of the island. Like earthquakes. Pat Robertson, you are an effing nutbag.

Dom is a poet! Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

The word "FAIL" is often overused on the interwebs. Here, it's overused in 100 different clips:

The Boise State cowbell girl is real-life blind, a-holes. Lay off now.

Do NOT go to IKEA.


Fark's best headlines.

Wax Lips. These guys split their time between NC and NoVA, and they bring a damn good show. When they're here, go see 'em dammit! Web site MySpace Video (Holly Holly Holly Holly would.)

Most useless machine ever:

I feel like I have blown myself up, and I am getting my virgins!

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