Friday, February 29, 2008

I don't know. THIRD BASE !

HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY GIRL ! (yep, leap year baby.) I’m nearing the end of one of the longest weeks ever. Last weekend was really good – finished the brakes on the Nissan, got some other stuff done around the house, and got to hang out w/ some friends that we hadn’t seen in way too long. Home work was very heavy - Tuesday night I was up until after 2am working on stuff, and didn’t even finish. I still have about an hour’s worth of quiz to take tomorrow morning. Monday and Wednesday I spent the early afternoon doing homework with my Middle Master Waster. She’s getting into higher level math stuff, so I’m hurting my brain trying to help her along. I’m not sure if I’m proud or embarrassed that I still know the quadratic formula. I did catch myself in one mistake though – I thought binomials were two hot chicks hookin’ up. Yesterday I left work at lunch time to head down to see Master College Waster at school. My mom & my sis rode along, too. He had his first concert in the symphony band last night, and it was definitely worth the 3 hour drive. The concerts are soooooo much better now than when the kids were still in Jr High. We took the time to go out to dinner, and hang at the coffee shop, too. We didn’t get back to town until the early hours of the morning. If it had snowed last night there would be two stripes next to my footprints where my a55 is dragging. Another long day today, but with a nice little intermission. I was onsite at the test lab early early this morning. Pointless, too. The numb-nuts that I was working with was a ringer for Tommy Chong (without the pipes for sale). Totally unprepared. Pain in my tail. By lunchtime, we realized that nothing was moving forward, so we bailed & met a few people from the office at Jimmy’s for crab cakes. Mmmmmmm. I’ve got a little bit of work to try to complete this afternoon, then I’m heading to the bar. I heard they ordered some new glassware that’s just begging for me to crack. ================== I’ve been busy (at Jimmy’s) so this is untested: Today was crab cakes & black n tan day. Mmmmmmm. This is also untested: This is only cool if you’re REALLY effing bored. If so, have at it. We had a very tasty lunch. ================== The Who, Yes, and The Band: Classic rock. Animaniacs: Classic cartoons. The Femmes, graphically: Annie, graphically: and the whole set:

Friday, February 22, 2008

i wish i had a shift key in the real world

This week has FLOWN past. The weekend was cool. Three days off hanging out with the kiddies. I pulled chaperone duty all day & all night Saturday. Sunday was just hanging out, and Monday was dollhouse day. You know you’re jealous. :) School this week was a nice surprise – I usually have 2-3 hours of homework in each class. Not this week, though. One class had very light work, and the other had no homework at all. I can deal with weeks like that. I worked from home yesterday. I was getting really behind on a bunch of paperwork stuff. So I took the day to get all caught up without interruptions. I still put in a long day, but it was really productive. I’m ready for the weekend. Got some time planned to hang out with friends and relax. I’ve got work to do on the little beater Nissan, as always, but nothing too bad. It’s gonna be rough working on the car in the cold, but I’ve got to get it thru inspection at the end of the month. It’s almost beer:30, I’m ready to get outta here. ================== Addiction to this game is unavoidable. For real. All those other addictive games are just trees compared to this crackpipe of a game. Devils and cupid. Mikey hasn’t figured out which he’d rather be. Mmmmm. Blow stuff up. Todd DESTROY. ================== More neat corporate history. Check out where the Audi rings came from. I never knew. I always thought it was a spin on the special Olympics. This kid sux. I can sing better than this. Plus, I know all the na-na-na-nas at the end. Cedar Fair owns Cedar Point. Best park EVER: Best rides EVER: Cedar Fair bought King’s Dominion last year, and they’ve got world records in production already: could I ever be so cool? I hope not. you know who you are, and you definitely irritate me: you know who you are, and you TOTALLY PI55 ME OFF:

Friday, February 15, 2008

i like the older stuff better

OK, I’m sorry. I was stressing out last week b/c of the kids. I apologize if I wasn’t my usual bouncy perky self. This week has been a 1000x better. I worked with the band director at school, all the teachers, as well as directly with Middle Master Waster. She’s still got no driver’s license, and she’s on a REALLY tight leash at school, but she’s staying in the guard for now. She’s on double-secret Delta House probation, but she’s still with the team. I think we’re on a pretty good road to success now, too. I finished all the midterms for my classes over the past few days. I’ve got a bit of tension with one of the professors, but it’s nothing that I can’t win. He’s being a real slacker in regards to his communications and responsiveness, so he’s holding up a number of people within the class. We had a nice little dinner last night for V-Day. We hung out with no kids at a neighborhood restaurant, followed by a trip up to Baskin-Robbins for dessert. Good stuff, too, except for the ‘tard at the counter giving me the wrong flavor. He exchanged it for me after a minute, but not before I was already scarred. Instead of blackberry ribbon with nuts, I got lowfat strawberry swirl. It hurts to find out you don’t have any nuts. None. I was nutless. This weekend should be a good one. I’m chaperoning a marching band competition all day on Saturday, and working on a doll house on Sunday. The doll house is a monster, too. It’s about 4 feet long, and at least 2 ½ feet tall. Not quite big enough for me to sleep in it, but cool nonetheless. Happy three day weekend! Was this email perky enough to keep you all from whining about how I darkened your entire day last week? ============================== Net disaster! Destroy the web – pick that site you love to hate, or load up your company home page. Then attack it with all sorts of creative disasters. It works especially well on the myspaces of people you don’t like. NLOS is a KAG b/c it MMFL I’m a real GI. “DYFLID?” – Peter Frampton Pearl Jam / Gravity game…. FINALLY a winner. The past few weeks have been really dry. This is effing addictive. ============================== Fun, and functional! Leslie has been utilizing the features that allow you to track individual sessions. She’s got a complete record of every landmark and every dressing room that they’ve … ummmm … “utilized” Jen wrote the history of LOLCats I like a lot of the original logos better. More style, more punch. And, in the case of Microsoft, more boogie nights, too. Just another foggy day in San Francisco.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

this truly is the hardest game ever

The kids brought report cards home on Wednesday. Youngest Master Waster and Mrs. Master Waster's Son both brought home solid grades. The latter had straight As & Bs, and the first had the same save for one (which was on a technicality). Middle Master Waster, on the other hand, didn’t do so hot. Meatloaf said “two out of three ain’t bad” but I’m not feeling it this week. She’s been all focused on color guard practice and social life and a dozen other things, but evidently not so focused on taking care of business at school. Part of the deal with her driver’s license as well as her participation in guard was that she maintained her grades on the honor roll. She fell quite a bit short on that target. So, she lost her license already. She’s in a big guard competition this weekend, and I didn’t want to jack the rest of the team by pulling her on short notice. After this weekend, though, she’s got to drop from the team. Nobody’s happy now. I hate it when the house is full of stress. Other than that, the week has been rather simple. ========================== This is the hardest game ever. I sucked at it. Max sent me this game early this week, and I’ve been trying all week long to beat it. Every day. Multiple times per day. I keep losing. Maybe I’m too easily distracted. (not safe to play if your mom is looking over your shoulder, or if your boss has you on the “find a reason to terminate” list) I know this is a repeat. It’s been a slow week for submissions. Sequel to a good one: Another sequel: ========================== Time wasters that make you think a bit. A little political, a little technical. Dumb people: please skip this section. Smart people: please click only if you promise to use your melon. (mmmmm, I love melons.) Diebold sucks: (Diebold is what we use in our local elections here, guys.) Sequoia sucks too: (Too bad we don’t use Sequoia in our local elections. We could pretend we live in Chicago.) The freaky multiple interruptions on middle eastern data pipelines. Oil Bourse. Remember those words. ========================== Dumb people can rejoin the group now: Got a number of different sources of this info, but fun stuff. Listen to the sounds of the Human BushBox

Friday, February 1, 2008

door to door brain surgery

So the new [beater] car has been knocked down for the first time already. Last weekend, I found the master brake cylinder completely empty. The Nissan was just sitting in the driveway, when for whatever reason the master started losing brake fluid. Nice little puddle under the car, and nothing but floor when you try to press the brake pedal. So I’ve got a little bit of a task coming up this weekend or next to get it fixed. I hate bleeding the brakes. We spent the last weekend running around doing kid stuff. Originally, we had a ‘grown-up’ weekend on the schedule. The scheds were changed & Mrs. Master Waster's Son stayed home with us. OK, one kid. Saturday morning, woke up & found his buddy hanging out too. OK, 2 kids. Then I got a surprise visit from the dog that we (not me) were dog sitting. I like the dog, but he’s a PAIN. Chews up all my stuff, digs up the FIOS line in the backyard, and sheds way to effing much. 2 kids and a dog. By the end of the day, both kids and the dog had actually moved on to other houses. We did get a chance to go out for dinner & a couple drinks. Middle Master Waster had her first competition in the WinterGuard last weekend, too. We were there early enough to help carry props on & off the court for their performance. Not a hard job, but it does make me feel kinda needed. I pulled dad duty II on Wednesday by signing up to help chaperone a field trip of 15 year olds to washington DC. The rest of the week has been full of school and work and school and work. Both worlds have been amazingly busy the past couple of weeks, and I’m not sure if things will calm down anytime soon. I’ve got mid-terms in both classes next week, and a big-a55 document that I’m trying to get done in the office too. (big-a55 anything is always funnier if you move the hyphen. A big-a55 document becomes a big a55-document. Lots of writing about a55.) (the adjective cool-a55 works the same way: “wow! that was a cool a55-trick!” Creates disturbing images of a55 tricks, huh?) I’ve got GDays duties tonight, then free and easy for the weekend. Not a whole lot of kidstuff going on, but enough to keep us busy. ============ Almost like a game, but a with a serious twist. Seca caught a little noise from me for submitting this, but she’s right. It’s like time wasting with a purpose. I’m still wondering how I wound up with a suggested vote of Perez Hilton. Move and click to shoot. Get ‘em all. Easy, right? This was sent to me with very high reviews. I personally think it kinda sucked. However, if I get good feedback, I’ll share the name of the referrer. Otherwise, I’ll take all the flak. ============ Big Game commercials: Big Game commentary: Gosh darn it, people might like me. Dom thinks there would STILL be a line at the ladies room at FedEx Field Nutso offroad biking. Holy crap. This is real world that kicks video game world a55. Some things you just don’t buy from the door-to-door sales guy: