Monday, July 27, 2009

too much stupid

Not a lot on my mind this week; I've been busy, but things are pretty simple for the most part.

Vacation is done, probably for the rest of the summer. I completed my first 5-day work-week in quite a while. I needed it, too. I've got a big project coming to an end next Friday, and I've got a buttload of work to get done before then. Not like a regular-size butt. A big-ol' circus fat-lady buttload of tasks that need to be completed before things wrap up next week.

School is in full session, too. Both of my classes have a heavy workload. Nothing especially difficult, really, just a large volume of busywork. It really grates my nerves when I have to slog thru crap like this, too. The professors know that we're all adults, and we're all taking classes with the intention of learning something. The students will either learn the lesson or not, and pass the class or not. End of discussion. Assigning busywork at this level is effing retahdid.

The kids have all been (somewhere else) all week long. My girls are down in Carolina with their mom, staying at their grandmother's beach house. Kid1 is home alone with the dog (and whoever he invites to the party). E's up in MD hanging out with his granddad. So it's been a pretty quiet week at home.

Nothing crazy on deck this weekend either. We've got some friends from the neighborhood coming over tonight, and some fam stuff scheduled in MD tomorrow. Other than that, I'm looking at a tough schedule of yardwork, carstuff, and checking the chemicals in the hot tub.

= = = = = = = = = =

Would it piss you off if I wrote the entire ɹǝʇsɐʍ ʎɐpıɹɟ upside down?

Remember the old game, F* - Marry - Kill, where your given 3 people and have to select what to do with each? Here's the updated version, with pics to help you decide.

Iron Maiden!!!! Rawk on! \.../ \.../
Score points and complete levels by dropping loudspeakers near the locals to convert them to headbangers. I was a bit disappointed when made it thru the end of Canada and still hadn't seen Eddie.

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I'm not sure I believe that red wine works better than chugging shots of Jager...

Sorry, I got a little excited. Here's a (mostly) SFW discussion (with visual aids) about my favorite topic in the whole wide world. BTW - I almost included the "synonyms" portion of this page in the games section this week.

Lots of people sent me lots of stupid this week. (other times, lots of stupid people send me stuff.)

Not that sending me stupid stuff is a bad thing, it was just interesting that it was a recurring theme this week.

So, starting this week's special parade of special people....

She's a state senator, she's discussing nuclear power and uranium, and she's freaking clueless!!! Why do we have people like this involved with making policy?

This dumbass stole a $20,000 autographed MJ jersey, and sold it on CraigsList for $120.

Winner! Queen of the stupid!

If she's the queen, Bill O'Rly must be teh prince. Get a load of his awesome math skillz.

Gahhhhhh! Don't forget Jenny Mc-BabyKiller!

Dom found more stupid math in Hawai'i.

Stupid in the kitchen - Mike's EXTREME RICE!!!!!!

Ally tells me that this is where they get the stupid: from Stalker School!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

in reality, a 2.5 day work-week is harder than it sounds

My head has been spinning in circles the past couple of weeks. I've got a lot on my shoulders lately. I fully intend to get back to professional slacking as soon as possible.

We took off last week for a long weekend up in Ohio. We go up every year for a big family reunion, and it's usually a really good time. Lots of fam & friends & food & drink. Things were a little bit different this year, though.

First off, the older generation is turning into the oldest generation. Various health issues are starting to take effect; this year for the first time one of the uncles wasn't able to attend. It's a sobering fact that we all have to face sooner or later. I just prefer to face it later.

The younger generation is turning into the older generation. A lot of us are raising kids, paying mortgages, holding down real jobs, and doing all that other grown-up stuff. Overall, responsibilities tend to put a damper on the general attendance as well as the party nature of the weekend. Things just seem to be quieting down each year.

And most of you know how much I hate dealing with drama. It happens, but it totally grates my nerves when people have issues with each other over things that should be worked out. Not only did the drama hit in full force, I was involved. For real. Something started brewing a few months back, and came to a boil in OH. I reacted (delicately and politely, just like I always do) to the situation, and now I'm all spun in the middle of it too. It hurts my skull.

It was still an excellent weekend, don't get me wrong. Don't misunderestimate what I'm trying to garble with my yammering. I love seeing the fam and kicking back for a beers (with the ones that still drink.)

BTW - you know any trip to Sandusky is incomplete without a full day of coasters over at Cedar Point. All the kids are finally tall enough to ride all the rides, plus they each brought a friend with 'em. We had a full truckload of bodies on our own, plus a number of the locals joined us too. Nothing can erase the drama of the day better than flying down the tracks of the Dragster at 120mph!

Kidstuff ...
Kid3 has moved across town into his dad's house full time. He's maintained excellent grades and really has his stuff together for the most part, and he's old enough now to give credence to his intention to move over there. The house seems kinna empty now that he's gone every day, but we really haven't had much downtime to really experience the changes yet. It'll be really weird after summer vacations are over and the kids go back to school.

Kid4 has always been the baby girl. She's breaking out of that mold now. She's only going to be in 8th grade, but she's been rehearsing with the high school Color Guard all summer. On top of that, she's starting to notice boys. In my mind, she should still be interested in Barbies. I got a bit of a shock when she announced her interest in one of the other teens in the neighborhood. Things are a bit easier bc I like the kid AND party with his parents, but I still wasn't ready for it.

My summer semester is in full-force, and I've been getting totally jacked by the time investment in school. Now that I've gotten beyond the bonehead-level classes, I really need to put some extra brain-power into doing real work in class. I'm already running on fumes, so there's not a lot extra to utilize.

I'll be working in the office a bit late this afternoon, followed by a full night of schoolwork. I'm behind on both schedules. Not happy about it, but eh. Gotta do it.

The weekend is full of more work, to get caught up from the past week of slacking. Saturday night, I hope I can sneak out to the Village Grill in Ashburn. The boys that played last year's block party, Augur, are playing an acoustic gig over there, and I need to get out and support.

I'm also hoping to be able to get to the pool to turn a few laps and out on the bike for a while. I did NOTHING the entire time on vacation. Yesterday morning, we drove out to P'ville to bike over Mt. Weather. Twice. The uphill toasted my legs, but flying down the other side at 45mph makes it all better. I still have bugs in my teeth & a stupid grin on my face.

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This is the game that Erno Rubik would have designed in Flash class.

Finally! A real waster! Splitter hits on all cylinders. It's simple, easy to learn, exercises your brain a little bit, and is totally effing frustrating. One more level, one more level, one more level....

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I know not everyone clicks on all the links and watches all the vids. If you don't usually, make this an exception. You hafta hafta hafta view this video of the Shii. Don't get mad at me when you giggle.

Top 40 Budweiser "Real Men of Genius" commercials. Here's to you, Mr. Push-Up Bra Inventor! (WhatsYourNumber,Granny?)


Optibike. Interesting, neat, fun, cool, but I don't quite understand why anybody would want one....

The top web-hoaxes of all time. You know you fell for at least one of 'em. Dumbass.

One final thought: I'm scared. Scared of moving to NC. Dana did it, damn her. She found people in KY (the state, not the jelly) that CELEBRATE their hillbilliness. Never never never will I bury a tractor.

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