Monday, November 23, 2009

december already???

This vid of Beaker from the Muppets unexpectedly fired up my holiday spirit:

All this freaky weather has really interfered with my internal calendar. Last week, I'm riding the bike to work in beautiful sunshine weather. I rode Monday and nearly froze my nads off in the 30s. Yesterday, sunshine & 60. Tomorrow, snow. WTF???

I'd reallllllly like to see some flakes tomorrow. Bright & early in the morning, we're loading the truck with the whole crew of kids. The new kid, Joe's fiancée, is coming, too. Heading out to Ticonderoga Farms to cut down our own Christmas tree. We've been going there for the past couple years. It's a fun, silly, Rockwell family kinna thing to do. If we can add just a dusting of snow to the picture, I'll be a happy boy.

After we get the tree in the morning, the rest of the weekend is set aside for decorating the tree and the house. I'm planning a big ol' fire in the woodstove, lots of holiday music, cocoa & marshmallows, and munching all the broken candy canes that we find mixed in the bottom of the decoration storage bins.

My little bro has already won the Spirit Award. Doesn't matter what we do to our place, he's in the major leagues. He may have started his install back in August sometime, but the results are worth it. He's got the synchronized lights dancing to recorded music. Not just any music, though, he's broadcasting it through the FM on your car stereo. For real. I feel like I should win concert tickets by being the 7th caller on his cell phone.

Enjoy the weekend, get your holiday spirit cranked up, and think of me tomorrow! (Happy thoughts if it snows, wet & muddy thoughts if it rains.)

= = = = = = = = = =

Help Tiger escape the angry Elin!

The game that's fun even if you lose, Guess the Chest. (Safe at work, and includes both M & F Hollywood contestants!)

You only think you know how the Mixed Memories brain game works. It'll stretch your brain a bit before you figure it out.

= = = = = = = = = =


(I can't help that my brain is still only 13 years old.)

Five things to know about climate change.

Legaliiize it:

Google is twisted. So is Dom.

The Chinese uncovered the truth about Tiger:

Video Professor is a scam. Well, duh. Almost every one of those work-at-home, learn-at-home, anything-without-effort things are some sort of sneaky. I had no idea it was this bad.

The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody. Best version ever; they kick Wayne & Garth's A55!

Vampires suck.

FoxNews = GoodMaths

Star Wars Facebook

More SWFBs on CollegeHumor.

Bing is a rip-off, too.

Crazy infographic map of human space exploration for my fellow geeks...

Here's a dynamic & interactive version of the same pic, from National Geographic.

Lamebook of the week:

(You're still singing Peter Tosh now, huh? It's been in my head since I wrote that comment days ago. Don't criticiiiiiize it. Legaliiiiize it, I'll advertise it.
Take that to your weekend.)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

narwhals & unicorns

I really have nothing to report on this week. No big news, no drastic stressors, simple & lightweight plans for the weekend, and nothing of any value rattling around in my brain.

That's not to say life isn't busy, just steady rollin'. We got our project all certified at the office, so now we have time to get caught up on all the little tasks that were skipped for a few weeks.

All of us are chugging thru the middle of our various school semesters. Midterms are over, report cards are completed, nobody is on my bad list, and we all just cruise the school scheds from here thru to the holidays.

I failed on riding the bike to work every single day this week. Each day was for a different reason, and all reasons were legitimate, but I'm still feeling a bit guilty over the whole situation. There's only another week til Thanksgiving, and I really don't want to jack up my exercise routine right before I start shoveling stuffing & gravy into my face.

Holiday plans are starting to come together. It's easy when a majority of the fam is local. A few people from my office are traveling up and down the I-95 corridor next week, and I'm sooooo not jealous. We hit NYC a few years back over Thanksgiving; it was the first & last time I'll ever do that drive over the holiday weekend.

So we're keeping it simple, and staying in town & hanging out with the fam. Nice n easy....

(Yes it's a re-run pic, but it still makes me smile. And you know I just do this blog-thing to entertain myself.)

= = = = = = = = = =

Narwhal vs Unicorn kinna makes me horny.

Best "not-intended-to-be-a-game" game.... Translate the Joseph Ducreux bad-ass self-portraits! (I'll give you the first one: Jay-Z / 99 Problems)

Tired of the innuendo? Then get rid of your balls.

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Leslie thinks I'm easily amused. She's right.

"Often feared and grossly misunderstood." A beginner's guide to PedoBear.

Who would want Charlie in the Box? Or this?

BaconNails are fierce! (click it... whatever you're expecting, you're wrong.)


Time keeps scrolling by. Take a look; you'll understand.

Sometimes it's better if you put a little more thought into your choice of words.

Um, no thanks.

My momma used to have a dalmatian. Dumbest dog ever. Totally cute, very very lovable, but dumb as an effing rock. I never paid attention to his shadow though.

Yep. Still easily amused.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

big big big news!!!!

Got a big announcement to share this week; totally totally crazy news!

Samantha is starting work tonight at her very first paycheck-job. Not a babysitting / walk-your-dog / water-the-plants-while-you're-on-vacation job, but a for-real job that requires her to have ID and pay taxes.

She went up to the mall yesterday afternoon for an interview at Claire's. She had the right combination of responsibility, availability, and English-speaking skills to get the job. She also correctly answered the question "Can you start work tomorrow afternoon?"

So she's up there now, making very good cash and helping to Accessorize the World.

But that's not the big news. You're gonna flip when you hear this...

Joe & his girlfriend got engaged last week!

They've been dating a while now, but maybe not as long as you'd expect for a move like this. They're working toward a long engagement, actually making plans for the end of summer 2011.

It was definitely a surprise when they broke the news. I'm not sure anyone was expecting a move like this at this stage in their lives. Although he's working steady and attending classes, he hasn't completed his schooling yet. The long engagement gives them a bit of time to figure out a lot of things between now and then.

She's totally cool though, and they're very happy together. There's still a big dose of puppy-love in the mix, but underneath things seem to be pretty solid between 'em too. It's very rewarding to see your kids smile they way they are.

(And get this: they're not even embarazadas!, which doesn't happen in this family all that often.)

All the rest of the news this week is rather pale by comparison. I took my midterms, got good grades. All the kids got their report cards, got excellent grades. We're all working way too many hours, but there are people out there who don't even have a job to complain about.

= = = = = = = = = =

Phytrix starts out really easy, but it'll piss you off before you know it.

Dammit, just lemme sleep!

= = = = = = = = = =

Prank War 8!!!!! "Right now, I'm just happy to not be dead."

180 of the best (and drunkiest) beer pong tables!


Is over-glossed music production and infinite editing the death of rock n roll? I've always hated drum machines and 'computer music' bc it grates my nerves. I never really understood why it bothered me so much. Well, now I know. (still hate it though)

Caption Obvious. (clicpic to embiggen)

Super slo-mo of a tattoo needle:

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