Wednesday, July 16, 2008

friday on wednesday?

I’m on vaca TODAY, and thru the next week and a half.

On Friday, I’ll be screaming my nads off on the Dragster at Cedar Point, so don’t plan on any wasters coming your way that day. So here’s a quick little make-up session for ya. After the coasters, we’re hanging w/ my fam for a bit, followed by a trip to the Soak City waterpark, then heading out to Indy to see my gram-in-law and some other friends.

I’m not due back in the office ‘til 28 July, so don’t get all wired up when I get NEXT Friday’s schedule jammed up, too.

Last weekend, we did a day trip up to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with a couple friends. We got tix to Body Worlds at the MD Science Center – AMAZING. It was a little creepy sometimes, but for the most part, totally cool.

Afterwards, we tried to grab crab cakes at Phillips Seafood – FAIL. We waited in a huge line at the door, only b/c they couldn’t figure out how to seat all the empty tables that were available. Then two different parties started hollering at the stupid hostess twinkee working at the counter, and they got sat first. After about 15 minutes we finally got a table. We sat around for another 6-7 minutes without so much as a hello, while the servers were all hanging out at the waitstation. So we bailed. Remember, tell all your friends, never go back, PHILLIPS SUCKS!!!!

The follow up dinner at M&S was tasty, and they put us all back in a good mood. Ice cream at Lee’s topped it off, followed by beers at Hooter’s. Hoot’s was actually accidental – we followed the signs to Capital City Brewing Company, but it was gone.

I’m outta here. Miss me long time!

(psssst – the skydiving game is a hint – we’re planning a trip this fall. Lemme know who’s interested.)


Skydiving = adrenaline!

Slingshot = frustration x 10


parenting FAIL

kinetic motion clothing:

Body Worlds @ MD Science Center:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

nicknames aren't as cool when you pick 'em yourself

Heck, McGoff has my vote, too. No way I'm getting the tatt, though.

Friday, July 11, 2008

free and easy - just the way i like it

More info and more vids than you get in an email: click the link!

After I just sent the bar pics a couple days ago, this is a short one. No new fam news. Work has been insanely busy. I had a 3 hour quiz in school on Tuesday, but I did just fine. So I'll start with some serious stuff: Goodbye 4th amendment! We'll miss you!
no, they don't need a warrant to spy on you anymore: yes, it was illegal when they did it. no, the telecoms cannot be charged, b/c they've been given retroactive immunity. yes, this is for real.
Tonight is my first real Friday off from GDays, and I'm not certain of my plans yet. I'm kinda reeling from the concept of being off this evening, too. After a few beers for Friday lunch, heading to the bar to work the evening seems like the right thing to do. It just seems a little odd that I'm free and easy tonight. (take that statement how you may)

I think I might miss it at the bar:
Next week is a short one - we're heading out on vaca on THU for 10 days or so. First, we're running up to OH to hit the coasters at Cedar Point, followed by a big ol' fambly reunion during the weekend. Soak City on Monday, then we're off to Indy to see Gram and some old friends. Not other old PEOPLE, old FRIENDS. I've heard about the Red Garter for years, so I'm hoping we can ditch the kiddies one night and make it happen.

Point of reference... the Rebel Yell is only about as high as the SECOND crossbar of the Dragster:
Vaca runs over the next 2 Fridays, so I'm not sure when / if I'll find time to write. I'll try. I know you'll miss me. I know I'll catch flak if I don't get it done. Ugh with the whining already. Anyways.... I've got a few things to wrap up now, then I'm outta here for the night. We'll be out and around tonight, but I haven't talked to the boss yet, so I'm not sure where we're heading. Give me a call if your plans are cooler than eating leftovers and watching reruns of Gay, Straight, or Bi.

Maybe all mascots are gay:

Game Time!
Here's the deal - shoot everything. The space bar fires the weapon. Special items are used by the keyboard letters shown on the screen.
I think Dom ate a burrito for breakfast.
Jesse Jackson wants to cut off Obama's nuts. WTF????

Ana drives a lexus

Mikey has a TOTAL waste of time here....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a special tuesday night edition of friday

I missed last Friday’s Waster b/c of the holiday and b/c things have been a bit busy the past few days. I know, I know, I’m only working one job now, I don’t have any legitimate excuse. Sorry. Full refunds will be delivered to each of you.

So….. the questions keep coming about the final night at the bar. That’s actually the motivation for this mid-week update. The final night was just NUTS. 1000x busier than I thought it might have been. Lots n lots n lots of friends and fam turned out to help me celebrate the end of a hella fun chapter. Faces showed up from all over: Richmond, VA, and even MD & WV.

Pics are here:

Mikey D and Drew raised a pair of top-shelf toasts. Mike had the place hollering like it was Superbowl Sunday, and I’m still not sure when Drew turned into the dirty Dr. Seuss. (remember, I *am* the bacon in your eggs…) He did find and almost legitimate reason for Missy to be standing on the bar.

I owe Kiera much love for giving me time to run my yap instead of spilling beers all night long. And for not complaining. And for NOT hitting me with the butterscotch schnapps we spilled all over the backside of the bar.

So after the craziness during the shift, a whole rack of people helped clean the mess afterwards, including my Pops. We busted it out right quick, then moved a smaller group back to the house for a while before ending it all around 6am. Wow.

Other news… My classes started back again last week. Fun. Summer break is over already.

Kid2 had her sweet 16 last week. She handled it much better than I did, I think. In her mind, she’s been an adult for a couple years already. In my mind, she’s still my baby girl.

Kid1 is going thru a lot of drama w/ his mom over a bunch of silliness. I’m really happy that I’m not involved, but I totally feel for him. I dealt with a lot of the same stuff for a long while before moving on, and it’s soooooo not easy.

So that’s the deal with the replacement waster. I hope something interesting happens between now & Friday else I’ll be writing some really boring cr@p in a couple of days.


This game guesses your age, just like the carny at King's Dominion. I played twice, and (shocker!) it guessed correctly on the first game. The second time, it guessed way lower. Instructions are in Japanese, but basically you just click the circles in numerical order.

Tom sent this to me a few weeks ago... I'm sure he's shed a few tears over not being included in the mailer yet. It wasn't his fault - this message got lost in the conversion from my old laptop to my current one. Tom, I'm sorry. I'm a dog that deserves to be kicked. I'm a slacker. I suck, and I owe you a couple of beers. After you see the game, and how he treats his friends, you'll understand why I really needed to include this apology.


Other random shtuff… Futbol is SO much cooler than football:

IHTFP at MIT. We put spare tires around the flagpole in high school once. (Funny) And we also made BK signs that covered the signs at the McD where we worked. (Also funny, but resulted in just a little bit of trouble. They weren't pleased that we broke security to access the roof.)

Do NOT buy this crap! Putting water on a hot grill warps the surface. You don't want a warped wiener, do ya?

Don't always believe what you see. Especially on the internets. The shadow knows the truth. (note 1- The original was taken offline sometime this past week.) (note 2 - Slight warning for those of you who have a boss looking over your shoulder.)

I used to respect Disney. No more. Look what they’re subjecting our kids to! (note - this is EFFING FUNNY if you know what the joke is. If you don’t know, and you google the joke, you may be in for a rather harsh eye opener. In more ways than one. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.)