Friday, May 13, 2011

waster lite

I've got nothing to say.  Actually, I might have too much to say, and can't figure out how to prioritize it all.  Some various ramblings...

Joe, Celeste, and baby Maddie are doing just fine down in KY.  Maddie is 3mo old now, and growing like a weed!

Samantha just finished her freshman year of college with a 3.414 GPA!  She's been working as a nanny while taking classes, and just been busting her tail all around.

Ethan is planning his summer vacations ... he's got trips w/ us, his dad, and his grandma down in FL.  He's pretty much booked the whole way thru.  Lucky dog.

Megan is still a freshman, but she already lettered in the ColorGuard.  They had a really cool performance this year, set to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

Missy has been even busier than I've been.  She took a new position at work, but still has a lot of the old responsibilities, too.  So everyone in the office knows what a superstar she is, but it's a heckuva a load to carry.

I've already done two races this year.  I ran the Monument Rock n Roll 10k down in Richmond in April.  It's called the rock n roll bc they have bands playing all up and down the course while people are running.  Totally cool.  It was my first run-only race, so it was really weird to start with my feet on the ground.  I didn't even know how to warm up.  I did OK, but def could have done better:  total time 1:00:14.

The second race wasn't much of a race, but actually more of a party disguised as a race.  A couple friends, my sister, and I were on a team of 4 for the Rock Creek Park RunAmuck.  Beer, sunshine, friends, exercise, and a hellacious amount of mud made this a excellent day.  Check out the pics here.  (When you get to the video of the finish line, give it a minute to load.  It's totally worth the wait.)

I'm planning to make next year's RunAmuck a big event, w/ fam, friends, and even the kids.  Be ready.

The rest of my race schedule is rather quiet thru for a few months.  There's a 5k in Herndon on June 5, then nothing else scheduled until Aug & Sept, when I've got 4 triathlons on deck.  The season is capped with the Tough Mudder in October.  That one scares me a little bit.

Mud racing done wrong.  Or right.  Depends on your point of view.

That's the update.  Dunno if I'll be back next week, or if I'll be writing once per season.

It's kinda interesting to look at the links I collected over the past while, though.  They span from the tail end of the cold weather to the bright sunshine of spring.  I even had a couple of Cince de Mayo bits to share:

= = = = = = = = = =

Osama bin Laden flash games.

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There I was.  Mother of God, there I am!

I was hoping for just one more snowstorm before springtime rolls around.

OK, nevermind winter.  Kate Upton is jiggling me full-steam into bikini season!

I started a new business.

No, really, I started a new school.  Karate school.

AntiVaxxers continue to breakdown herd immunity in the US.  We're on track for the most cases of measles in a decade.  Click to see the JennyMcCarthyBodyCount.

GraveDigger* pulls an effing monster-truck backflip!

*I do understand this isn't GraveDigger I, but don't really care enough to learn the whole Digger family tree.  And since I haven't found time to blog in months, I didn't want to waste any more.

An educational look at Cinco de Mayo.

Scarily true.  Even the hair-dryer guy.

Finally, a couple quickies from Mighty Optical Illusions (Caution, clicking the pic for full screen may help, but will also potentially mess with your head.)

If either your screen or your brain start melting, don't say I didn't warn you.

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